Latinas Powerful Impact on American Economy

Since 2004, the annual Hartford, CT, Latinas & Power Symposium has monitored the impact of young, self-reliant Latinas who have evolved and are now a powerful force at the helm of the predicted $1.7 trillion Latino purchasing power by 2020. Currently, she is increasingly likely to be bilingual U.S.-born and as such, Latinas are one of the most sought after consumers targeted by every major company and brand. According to The Nielsen Company’s recent Latina 2.0 Fiscally Conscious, Culturally Influential & Familia Forward report, Latinas are “leading their households both financially and culturally, and she is setting her own standards of community, economics, beauty and style.” Today, there is no stopping these young women from expanding their imprints on the U.S. economy. She is socially engaged in ways that are personal, regional and national. And, this amazing evolution of Latinas also required the Latinas & Power network to upsurge its annual event to meet Latinas’ current needs. Celebrating its 15th year, on May 17, 2018, Latinas & Power Symposium® is prepared to meet those necessities. We have packed one-day with mega resources, tools to help women fuel their sense of purpose and determination. In addition, Latinas & Power has invited the most respected and powerful speakers to present professional messages of empowerment and inspiration. As the largest event in New England focused on Latinas, the organizers have also upped their game to present the most outstanding workshops, panels and sessions and Exhibitor Marketplace. The Latina population in the U.S. grew by an impressive 37% between 2005 and 2015. Today, Latinas continue to increase their value and significance, especially single mothers becoming breadwinners and the primary decision makers in their homes. At our quinceañera symposium, Latinas & Power will introduce high level professionals of various industries to discuss how Latinas can be fiscally conscious, grow their wealth (job force, entrepreneurship, personal) and expand their paths to impact their personal, regional and national growth and influence. Ladies, the power is within our reach—and why we personally have taken great strides so that Latinas & Power is up-to-date to teach, guide and demonstrate how to best harness, utilize and embrace the latest reports on Latino consumerism and influence. One of the main reasons I founded Latinas & Power is because early on I understood the great significance of our role as Latinas in this country. It has been a great honor to celebrate Latinas. We’re spiritual, hardworking, loyal consumers, taxpayers, educators, parents, entrepreneurs/job creators, and indispensible Americans—one of the great lessons learned in this great journey is that it takes Latinas to help other mujeres. Only we can give voice to relatable stories of joy, triumph, disappointment, pain and circumstances. Women in general have encountered every obstacle imaginable in breaking the glass ceiling in all industries. Latinas, on the other hand are shattering it by continuing to push forward. They are the vanguards to consumer trends and are influencers not only to the total Latino population, but also other consumer groups—leaving their mark o the U.S. mainstream.

About Marilyn Alverio Founder and Producer, Latinas & Power Having grown up in an urban neighborhood Marilyn learned early on about the importance of giving back to the community and volunteerism. Her parents migrated to the U.S. from Puerto Rico in the early 1950’s and instilled the importance of “la Familia,” culture, our language and being involved in “La Communidad.” She earn her B.A from the University of CT. in Storrs, CT and later an M.B.A. from the University of Phoenix. Marilyn has worked in corporate arena for more than twenty years where she has held numerous management positions within the airlines, pharmaceutical, education, financial and health insurance industries. Her most recent success as founder and producer of the Latinas and Power Symposium® (LPS), is achieving national recognition and will celebrate its 15th anniversary in May 2018. The annual one-day inspirational and professional development platform designed for the Latina on the go.

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