Karla Medina

“La respiración, Ejercicio y vida con pasión” Karla is a passionate Latina entrepreneur and renowned fitness guru who is highly respected for her no-nonsense innovative approach to business and life. She holds many local and national press, a book publication, and video production credits. Karla is also a 20-year retired Police Sergeant veteran of the Hartford Police Department and is currently a State of CT Training Officer. She has her B.S. in Business Management and Master’s Degree in Public Policy, along with many other certifications and trainings. She is the owner and master trainer at Sudor Taino ® Group Fitness, a studio dedicated to enhancing people’s individual journey towards health, fitness, and life. Her spirit, mind, and body approach contributes to her authentic style and allows her to move people individually, while motivating them collectively and moving them culturally. Karla is known for being an energetic motivational speaker and philanthropist. She pursue’s life passionately because she works for God. The Divinely Fit Summit is a full day event dedicated to empowering the spirit, mind and body. It is a movement to help women and men discover their authentic self, uncover their personal passions, ambitions, and unleash their inner warrior though innovative workouts and interactive lectures and demos. Additionally, Karla’s book is scheduled to launch. The Divinely Fit Summit and Book were figuratively born as twins. They are one in the same. Both are based on Karla’s life work and her need to share the spirit, mind, and body concept with others. On the other hand, they are also very different. The Summit is based on the energy, stories, and presence of both Karla and the participants while the book is based on Karla’s quest to create a spiritual transparency

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